Submit your Slogans for our Brave New World!

Aldous Huxley draws a none too subtle parallel between the conditioning techniques of “social predestination” and “hypnopaedia” and the methods of political propaganda and advertising in our world. As in 1984, Super Sad True Love Story and so many other dystopian novels, Brave New World makes a lot of the power of language. Whether totalitarian or consumerist (or, of course, both), governments in these novels strive to strip down their citizens’ linguistic resources. In Huxley’s novel, children grow up hearing endless repetitions of catchy slogans and jingles, which eventually become their opinions and represent much of their mental range. The Director of Hatcheries and Conditioning is clear on this point:

The sum of suggestions is the child’s mind. And not the child’s mind only. The adult’s mind too–all his life long. The mind that judges and desires and decides–made up of these suggestions. But all these suggestions are our suggestions. (23).

Slogans like “Everybody’s happy nowadays” (79) and “Everyone belongs to everyone else” (40) sound somewhat silly to 21st-century ears. Gary Shteyngart offers some alternatives, geared for the age of IM, in Super Sad True Love Story–usually slogans packed with typo–as we’ll see in a few weeks. My favourite from that novel is the slogan of the “American Restoration Authority” (the government of the US in its final decline): “Together We’ll Surprise the World!” (43).

In the meantime, imagine you had Helmholtz Watson’s job, but here and now. What slogans might you come up with to indoctrinate our future citizens? These slogans can’t simply state the orthodox position: they must also be catchy and pithy. Give ’em a shot. It’s harder than it seems. My attempts so far? “My body, your GIF” & “I’d love you to ‘like’ me” & “I’m only as smart as I feel” & “Let’s talk phones!”

Post your attempts by “replying” below. If you need inspiration, click here and here to see lists of recent advertising slogans. Don’t forget to keep Brave New World in mind as you read them.

Works cited

Huxley, Aldous. Brave New World. Toronto: Vintage, 2007 [1932].

Shteyngart, Gary. Super Sad True Love Story. Toronto: Random House, 2011.

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13 Responses to Submit your Slogans for our Brave New World!

  1. andesalex says:

    All Babies are not equal, but they are all useful!


  2. Claudio says:

    All hear The Ford, Our Saviour!


  3. julianpepin says:

    For stability, For Happiness, For the Controllers!


  4. alexisonfire says:

    This one should be read as a jingle:
    A somatastic orgy-porgy is all that you need,
    To live a life of happiness without a family!


  5. CaiteC says:

    For Advil is to be taken with ease, whenever we are feeling displeased


  6. Daniel Law says:

    For Every Climax, There is a Durex.


  7. danewman1 says:

    I’m very glad to see so many contributed slogans. Just a clarification for future contributions: I’m hoping for slogans for our brave new world, not Huxley’s. In other words, what are the buzzwords and ideals of our (or our near-future) society? For Huxley these include “stability,” “happiness,” and “community” (for example, “when the individual feels, the community reels”). Also, what might be our equivalents to “soma,” “our Ford,” and “orgy-porgy”? Do we have “world controllers” in the same way that the Brave New World has Mustapha Mond, or is that form of authority perhaps too individual and agentially-powerful to reflect our world?


  8. Nancy Brennan says:

    To be famous or not … to be!


  9. Matthew Polinsky says:

    Public protest is passé
    Text your MP today


  10. Matthew Polinsky says:

    We already say this but we could make it hypnopaedia for our times.

    If you see something
    Say something


  11. Matthew Polinsky says:

    Keep checking in on the App.
    To stay safely on the map.

    Our phones on GPS
    So our friends don’t have to guess.

    I would like to write one about wealthy people owning several properties in several countries even though their apartment in New York or Rio may only be occupied two months of a year. Or small families or individuals owning many large homes.
    I don’t know if this one makes sense but I gave it a shot.

    A property in Toronto
    and in the country
    and one in Mexico
    for assest stability.

    If anyone could improve on that – please do.


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