Welcome, Feelies!

Apparently, everything we’ve read so far in this course was prophetic: check this out. And, because virtual reality mirrors the art of James Tiptree Jr’s “The Girl Who Was Plugged in,” check out this 2008 article on Second Life in the Telegraph. And, also this essay, “Consent,” by Emma Holton–in part because Super Sad True Love Story is so fascinated and troubled by the same very problem: the online pornification of women’s bodies and its effects on social relationships, feminism, fashion, etc. And, as an important intertext to Holton’s essay, here is a link to Laura Mulvey’s groundbreaking essay “Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema.”

One more, again anticipating our discussions of Super Sad True Love Story and those Credit Rating poles that crop up all over Shteyngart’s near-future New York, this time from a CBC report on a study on privacy and what your credit card usage reveals to those watching.

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