Humanities, Posthumanism, Extinction, Oh My!

Some recommendations from Erin B.:

I want to recommend a book which deals with a lot of themes we are dissecting in class. The book is called The Possibility Of An Island (La Possibilité d’une île) by Michel Houellebecq. It deals with extinction, posthumous wanderings, and the humanist element towards cloning, as well as counter evolutionary end points where the human is ultimately debunked and resituated. All of this occurs in a somewhat post-apocalyptic landscape and mindset. The main character himself becomes redistributed and is a recyclable number with a given memory that is handed down to him from his predecessors. Anyway, it’s been about three years since I last read it but I constantly find myself unearthing it as it is a rarity.Coincidentally, it is also in the layout of loggings/ journal entries which we also see in Super Sad Love True Story. Dealing with compressed Time.
Also, on the subject of human extinction I thought that I would send you this article, dealing with the relations between the humanities and the social sciences (it is a quick intro and the article itself should be available and hyperlinked). There were definite links  between this and Being Dead by Jim Crace.
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